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            We've Built #1 Ranking Android Apps in Australia.

            • We've released Top Grossing Apps in Australia.
            • Fixed price fees & no hidden costs.
            • We can make your app idea succeed.
            • Enquire now for a Free Project Assessment.

            Android App Development

            In Australia, it is estimated that there are more Android devices in use compared to iOS devices. Therefore if you have an app idea, you should consider deploying that as an Android app as well.

            Elegant Media specialises in Android App development. With our experienced team, we can work with you from the initial app idea to the final delivery to the Android app marketplaces.

            Though we are a Melbourne based Android app development company, many of our current clients are located in other Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Regardless of your location, we’re able to make the required arrangements to ensure it’s a smooth process for you.

            The Android developers in our team can build apps for Android phones, tablets, wearable devices such as Android Wear.

            If you have an app idea, contact us today. We will provide you a free price estimate and we’ll also complete a feasibility assessment to ensure the project is within the technical limits.

            Have an App Idea?
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            Your information is safe and we sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients to protect their ideas.

            Few Android Apps We've Completed

            We spend a lot time on our designs to make each App a pleasant user experience.
            Here are few of the Android Apps we have delivered.

            From the initial meeting to the outcome, your staff communicated well and I knew that my App needs would be taken care of effectively. A realistic expectation was set and all the stages of development were on time and well executed.
            Well done Elegant Media!Margie W. - Victoria