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            Recent Work

            Australian Defence Force

            adfca appAustralian Department of Defence came to Elegant Media with a problem, and we provided them with a digital solution which is helping thousands of our men and women in uniform.
            We have developed for the Department of Defence a streamlined approach to access regulative documentation via a single source website and smart application.
            The applications we have built provide a platform for storage, management, and access to regulatory aviation information.


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            Star Shopper

            Star ShopperIt is Apps like this that separate Elegant Media from the rest!
            The Star Shopper App brings comic books to life by using Augmented Reality technology, making learning much more interactive and engaging. In this project, we partnered with the multinational giant Earnt & Young and the ASB Bank New Zealand(Commonwealth Bank).
            We built an App exclusively for its Augmented Reality capabilities, a technology which is bound to become ubiquitous in the near future.


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            Heels Down Fitness

            Heels Down Fitness iphone mobile application development Heels Down Fitness is one of the Elegant Media’s proud success stories. This App is the perfect example of how a great App idea can be turned into a profitable App business. Launched only in July 2020 this App has already created a lot of buzz in the horse riding communities around the world.

            Heels Down Fitness is an equestrian fitness and lifestyle program here to help you get fit- sweat- kick goals- learn life hacks from both the fitness and equestrian world combined- and of course love life…


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            Easy Entertainment

            Easy Entertainment founders approached Elegant media with a brilliant vision for a niche App which was desperately needed in the entertainment industry. Our team spent some time understanding the vision and laying out the perfect design flow.

            The key to Easy Entertainment is the easy booking of venues and artists. Our App development worked tirelessly to make the ‘easy’ possible. The App had to be intuitive and hassle-free, which required that the UX and the UI design to be the perfect fit for this App…

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            Recent Work

            Australian Defence Force
            Star Shopper
            Heels Down Fitness
            Your Happy Place
            Mindful me
            The Source
            Bible Warz
            Lend Me
            Chicki Chick Game
            Gastro Referral App
            Safari Bingo
            Easy Entertainment
            Flirt Party
            Childcare Sign In/Out
            Reno Market – iPhone
            Boutique Guru
            My Garage
            Kids Friendly
            Random Excuse Generator – iPhone
            LookTime – iPhone
            Natural Therapy App
            MyTempo – iPhone
            1 Step Ahead
            Make Me Up
            Chirp – iPhone, iPad
            Freighting Solutions
            Savvy Text Guides – iPhone, iPad
            AquaFit Trainer
            YFronts – iPhone
            Hilarious Hypotheticals
            Braeside Plumbing Web Design
            BAPS Website
            SMC Media
            Visualize – iPhone
            My Healthy Pick – iPhone
            Winggit – iPhone
            Showcase Jewellers – iPhone/iPad
            Mad Faces
            Kids Friendly – iPhone
            CliqueNet – Share & Connect
            TextEFX – iPhone
            Sales Driver – iPhone
            Emot it
            SWR – Safety And Workwear Retailers