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            CliqueNet – Share & Connect – Android app development

            CliqueNet – Share & Connect – Android

            Private Social Network. Share More. Connect Better & Freely.

            ? Selective sharing like no other
            – Effortlessly connect & share photos, videos and links to articles, websites or videos.
            – When you add someone to one of your cliques, they will only see the things that you have shared with the specific clique.

            ? Choose the kind of stuff you want to see at any moment
            – By clicking on one of your clique tabs on the home screen, you decide what you want to see at any time.

            ? Give your thoughts
            – Give your thoughts to the things that are shared. It is a conversation with another user – “thoughts” are only seen between you and the other user, so reply back with an emoji, text, meme, link, photo or video.

            ? Privacy is a given
            – You will be found by a chosen username and before a user is added, the screen that will come up is your name and an optional profile picture, nothing else.
            – People within your cliques do not see each other and the names of your cliques are not seen by others.