iPhone App Development - Part 5
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            iPhone App Development

            Money2Budget – iPhone Screenshot

            Money2Budget – iPhone

            Money2Budget is a free budget app developed by the Financial Counselling Team at Centacare Catholic Family Services Country SA. By using the app you will be able to monitor your weekly, fortnightly or monthly income and expenses. If you are having difficulty in making ends meet please seek assistance from one of our Financial Counsellors. […]

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            Skyfest – iPhone Screenshot

            Skyfest – iPhone

            The City of Bunbury’s Australia Day Celebrations & Fireworks Spectacular is the single largest free event in the south west and for more that 22 years the greater Bunbury community and visitors to the south west have gathered together to celebrate our national day. Download the City of Bunbury Australia Day 2015 app today for […]

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            KIN – iPhone Screenshot

            KIN – iPhone

            KIN is a social network app where users can explore the world of surf, skate, snow, travel, art and music, without the daily SPAM of food and baby photos. With a user base of over 1000 within the first 48 hours of its launch, the app was a resounding success in reaching a community of […]

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            Enlighten Me Today for iPhone Screenshot

            Enlighten Me Today for iPhone

            Enlighten Me Today delivers inspiring bible scriptures with complimentary visuals for users to start each day with joy in their hearts. The app allows users to set daily reminders to view verses, along with features to save and share verses with friends.    

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            The Teacher Vault Screenshot

            The Teacher Vault

            The Teacher Vault is an app that combines file sharing, teacher/student communication and report writing to make your teaching life easy.   Share activities, lessons, goals and notes in The Vault. Find the content you need for teaching. Engage your students – they get to create free accounts, and this allows you to connect with […]

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            Showcase Jewellers – iPhone/iPad Screenshot

            Showcase Jewellers – iPhone/iPad

            Members of Showcase Jewellers have been around for well over 30 years and represent the best of the independently owned jewellery stores. This APP represents the quality, design, range and service that each of the stores provide to the customer wanting something special in Diamonds. Visit them today, this APP has even more once you […]

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            Superior Seed Screenshot

            Superior Seed

            As a company that prides themself on supplying quality seed across Australia, the Superior Seed App assists customers with a fact-sheet library featuring seed varieties. The app also allows users to input Paddock information and track their rainfall calendar with an interactive graph.

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            City of Bunbury 2014 for iPhone Screenshot

            City of Bunbury 2014 for iPhone

            The City of Bunbury’s Australia Day Celebrations & Fireworks Spectacular is the single largest free event in the south west and for more than 22 years the greater Bunbury community and visitors to the south west have gathered together to celebrate our national day.

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            Feed Back App for iPhone and Android Screenshot

            Feed Back App for iPhone and Android

            Feed Back is designed to allow each individual business to design and personalize their own questions that can be changed easily to obtain feedback from their users – and consumers will be able to have an active role in improving customer service and business policies used by businesses.

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            If The Hat Fits iPhone & iPad App Screenshot

            If The Hat Fits iPhone & iPad App

            If The Hat Fits iPhone and iPad Apps are designed and developed for leading Australian Milliner Danica Erard. The App contains a unique collection of Danica’s hats, which the users can try on before they buy. The users can take photos of them and use the virtual fitting screen to place and see how they […]

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            Garden Landscape Creator Screenshot

            Garden Landscape Creator

            Garden Landscape Creator App for iPhone (Lite and Pro versions)

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            Active Education App Screenshot

            Active Education App

            Active Education iPhone App for Australian Media Group.

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            Pipe Fabrication Calculator Screenshot

            Pipe Fabrication Calculator

            Pipe Fabrication Calculator App for iPhone and Android.

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            GE Selection iPhone App Screenshot

            GE Selection iPhone App

            The ICP Nebulizer and Spray Chamber Selection Guide iPhone App was developed for Glass Expansion Pty Ltd in Australia. The App contains a comprehensive product catalogue with images and other essential information. Customers are able to find the exact products to suit their needs by answering few simple questions.   The customers can view further […]

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            From the initial meeting to the outcome, your staff communicated well and I knew that my App needs would be taken care of effectively. A realistic expectation was set and all the stages of development were on time and well executed.
            Well done Elegant Media!Margie W. - Victoria