Android App Development
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            Android App Development

            Your Happy Place – Android Screenshot

            Your Happy Place – Android

            Your Happy Place is designed to track your moods, the places you go, the things you do and how well your needs are met. The record you build by simply picking icons and making optional diary entries creates a daily feed, this feed can help you to discover patterns between your moods and the activities […]

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            The Source – Android Screenshot

            The Source – Android

            The Source is the first PNG Online Business Directory App?is a tool for aiding business search in Papua New Guinea. The Source is an App which aims to penetrate and leverage business indexing online in Papua New Guinea in both national and international scene. It is a portable business directory focusing on business growth and […]

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            Cummins – Android Screenshot

            Cummins – Android

            The Cummins Power App is the latest app to assist with the Cummins fault codes, extended warranty information, news and more. Available on both Apple and Android, the app is made for Cummins product owners, fleet managers, and technicians.

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            Chicki Chick Game – Android Screenshot

            Chicki Chick Game – Android

            Chicki Chick is a challenging mobile game. The Game has different difficulty levels and speeds.

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            Gastro Referral App – Android Screenshot

            Gastro Referral App – Android

            The main purpose of this App is to enable the Doctors to register and log in and refer their consulted patients to clinics

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            Safari Bingo – Android Screenshot

            Safari Bingo – Android

            Safari Bingo is suited to a quick trip out from the camp or a full day in the car spotting the BIG 5.

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            Phonemed – Android Screenshot

            Phonemed – Android

            PHONEMED is a 24/7 injury management and reporting tool used by some of the largest companies in Australia. This App enables workers and their supervisors to lodge incident reports and receive medical advice at any time of the day or night.

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            Flirt Party – Android Screenshot

            Flirt Party – Android

            Flirty Party is a dating app with a twist. It lets you connect with and meet people who are in the same venue, bar or club as you. Built to be used with the signature Flirt Party events, this is an exciting new approach to dating.

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            APG 19-3 – Android Screenshot

            APG 19-3 – Android

            Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) organized the 3rd Meeting of the APT Conference Preparatory Group for World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (APG19-3) from 12 to 16 March 2018 in Perth, Australia. The meeting was hosted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) with support from the Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA), Australia. APG19-3 app was […]

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            Wikiwalks – Android Screenshot

            Wikiwalks – Android

            Wikiwalks, an app that brings you the best of Australia’s walking tracks in one central location.

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            Breastfeeding – Android Screenshot

            Breastfeeding – Android

            The main aim of this app is to create an environment that respects mothers’ choices in both breast and bottle-feeding, supportive of breastfeeding practices, and assists in prolonging the duration of breastfeeding. We endeavour to raise awareness of the needs of mothers and babies, so partners and their wider community can take action to support […]

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            Boutique Guru – Android Screenshot

            Boutique Guru – Android

            Boutique guru offers a comprehensive guide to tourists and locals alike , allowing the user to access a unique shopping experience. Location and category input will provide lists of independent boutiques and interesting neighbourhoods to visit.

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            My Garage – Android Screenshot

            My Garage – Android

            My Garage has been designed to make running a car easy with all your car details kept in one place,With registration and insurance due date reminders. It is the best and easiest way to get quotes on all your car servicing needs.

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            SafeAsApp – Android Screenshot

            SafeAsApp – Android

            The Safe As app was developed to help people in a variety of situations where they may feel threatened or at risk of being harmed, by providing the ability to contact a number of contacts at once, reach out to the Safe As Community users, GPS tracking of a user, contact Police and ability to […]

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            Abuse is not OK – Android Screenshot

            Abuse is not OK – Android

            Learn to recognise violence and abuse. What to do and who to contact if you feel threatened.

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            I liked the designs that they came up with, were very clean, clear and crisp. And it related to the App for what I wanted it to be. I definitely recommend their services.Domenic P. - Victoria