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            BusyShift – Android app development

            BusyShift – Android

            BusyShift recognises that delivering healthcare to patients with multiple care needs is challenging. BusyShift’s straightforward, simple to set up interface helps you to get on with the important task of caring for your patients. It promotes safe practice through provision of timely reminders and procedural prompts no matter where in the world a patient is being cared for.

            BusyShift comes with an inbuilt drug checker; tap the icon and place the drug you are checking directly in front of your device’s rear facing camera to magnify the drug description and presentation. If your smart device comes with an inbuilt flash, you can activate it at the tap of a button too. Perfect for tired eyes at 3am working in low light conditions.

            The purpose of BusyShift is to help eliminate the risk of patient care requirements becoming overlooked due to multiple care challenges faced by healthcare staff. The user simply allocates a virtual bed to a patient. There is no need to input patient personal details. All you have to do is remember which patient is in what bed. When a patient is discharged or transferred to another unit a virtual clean of the bed is activated.

            Not every shift will be a busy shift but when it is, know that BusyShift will help you through. BusyShift: helping you deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time.