Fitness apps have become all the rage in the past few years and have made a niche for themselves in the app market. The reason behind this is the increasing focus of millennials on leading a healthy lifestyle which includes eating right and exercising daily to burn off the calories.

Fitness apps are a great way to monitor how healthy your lifestyle is. There are a number of popular fitness apps in the market which can broadly be categorized into three categories.

The first kind is called activity trackers whose basic feature is to keep track of how much physical activity a person does in a day. This can include anything from counting the steps taken while walking to calculating the number of calories burned or average heart rate for the day.

The second category is the nutrition trackers through which a user is able to set out a diet plan for himself and also count the number of calories he is taking in each day.

The third category where you can set out a workout routine for yourself and get tips about exercises; as if you have your own professional trainer in the pocket.

Below are our top 20 suggestions for fitness app development that you can try out for a new fitness app or incorporate as an additional feature in an old one:

  1. If you have an app with a basic calorie counting feature, you may consider improving it by introducing a database of nutritious and low-calorie food to be suggested as alternatives to foods with high calories.
  2. A fitness app which lets you track your progress on not just a daily basis but a weekly or monthly one through graphs/data charts is currently missing from the market and is sure to be a success.
  3. An app with in-ear instructions which guide you through all the steps of the workout will also be a big hit among those users who often feel the lack of a personal trainer.
  4. You can develop an app which has a database of workout songs which can motivate the user to keep working out longer and harder.
  5. A fitness app which can set out a running route for you with the help of GPS is sure to be of big help to users who often have to job or run through crowded areas.
  6. You can develop an app meant to guide those who have just started out on their fitness journey. In this kind of app, a person just has to fill in how much weight he wants to lose and how many days he wants to lose it in so that the app can draw out an appropriate exercise and diet routine.
  7. If you want to build an app for workout junkies who are aiming to build muscles of steel, you can build an app with which can suggest the most effective workout plans for that kind of exercise.
  8. Yoga is a fitness regime that is being preferred by a lot of people nowadays. A great idea for app development is to build an app which incorporates clear instructions on the basic yoga poses as well as their benefits for the body.
  9. If you already have a yoga fitness app, you may also consider improving it by adding the option of ‘build your own routine’ through which users can pick and choose different yoga poses to form a routine. You can also have a feature where they can make an HD video of the routine for their personalized use.
  10. It helps to have a guided plan for not just a single day or week but which stretches over months. A fitness app which has a detailed fitness plan for several months ahead makes sure that the user stays on his track to a healthy life until it becomes a way of life for him.

  11. Apart from losing weight, a lot of people are also looking for apps which can prompt them to get a good night’s sleep and reduce their daily level of stress. You can address these demands by developing an app for the specific purpose of monitoring sleep and giving tips on how to lead a stress-free day.
  12. An app which is bound to be globally successful is one which can adapt itself to the cultural or ethnic background and nationality of the user. Automatic conversion of pounds to kilos and a database of multi-cuisine dishes for calorie counter should do the trick.
  13. Since everyone is in a rush most of the time, you can also develop an app which focuses on short exercise sessions such as those that last 7 minutes or less.
  14. A specific app which is designed for use by women alone is sure to find a lot of users. The reason is that women are often not keen to undertake heavy workout sessions but still want to maintain their fitness through simple exercises.
  15. A specialized app for fitness enthusiasts where they can feed in the level of intensity they want from their day’s work out to get a tailor-made workout plan can also work great.

  16. You can also develop an app keeping into account the kind of equipment that is being used by the user of the app. alternatively, you can also develop an app which gives suggestions regarding how to exercise without equipment.
  17. Fitness apps are also a great way of socializing nowadays. Make sure that the app you develop has a social feature so that users can check each other’s progress and keep themselves motivated.
  18. Everyone cannot afford a personal trainer or time in the gym. You can have video tutorials from expert fitness trainers with the user having the option to choose who they want to be trained from.
  19. Nothing works better at keeping a person motivated than a timed challenge. You can develop an app which gives daily challenges to the user whether it is in terms of miles to run, the time taken for the workout session or number of calories to be eaten that day.
  20. You must also ensure that any fitness app you develop should have a feature to synchronize it with a wearable device.

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